In the donation store, you can purchase ranks, cosmetics, and more with real money. All donations helps us pay for the server expenses and allows us to add new features for everyone. All the items on the shop are just cosmetics and do not impact game play as we strive to comply with the Minecraft EULA. When buying an item from our shop, you must agree with our Terms and Conditions or we will have the right to ban you on our server. If you have any payment issues or you didn't receive the items that you ordered, please email our support team at our discord server with your Minecraft Username and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

To Parents / Guardians:
For any parents that are worried about your kids buying a virtual item from the store, let us explain. We are a company that allows players to join our server free of charge with no hidden fees. Every player starts off with the default rank which has lots of features already to begin with. We have other ranks and items that you can purchase with real money which allows to customize your player to standout from other players. Running a Minecraft Server has expenses and buying an item on our store will reward your kid with extra features such as trails or wings and it will also help us pay for our server expenses such as paying for hosting and for server development. All payments are automated through CraftingStore and are processed by PayPal. Any item purchases goes directly to the server funds and development. If you are still worried about purchasing an item from our donation shop, please refer to our Terms and Conditions for our privacy policy.
Please note that we are not affiliated with Mojang AB. Minecraft is a registered trademark with Mojang AB

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